A vintage motorcycle is parked on a scenic road with mountains in the background. Behind the bike, a digital display shows a indian bike driving 3d all cheat codes list .

Indian Bike Driving 3D: All Cheat Codes List

Indian Bike Driving 3D All Cheat Codes List

“Indian Bike Driving 3D” is a popular mobile game that allows players to experience the thrill of riding motorcycles through various terrains and environments. To enhance your gameplay, cheat codes can be a great way to unlock new features, bikes, and abilities. In this article, we provide a indian bike driving 3d all cheat codes list , along with descriptions and instructions on how to use them.

Dowload Indian Bike Driving 3D.

How to Use Cheat Codes in Indian Bike Driving 3D

To use cheat codes in “Indian Bike Driving 3D,” follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the game on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the main menu.
  3. Look for the “Cheat Codes” option. This is usually found in the settings or options menu.
  4. Enter the desired cheat code from the list below.
  5. Confirm the code entry and enjoy the unlocked features!

Cheat Codes List

  1. ALLBIKES – Unlocks all motorcycles.
  2. MONEY999 – Provides unlimited in-game currency.
  3. SPEEDMAX – Increases maximum speed of all bikes.
  4. NITROBOOST – Grants infinite nitro boosts.
  5. INVINCIBLE – Makes your bike invincible.
  6. ALLLEVELS – Unlocks all levels.
  7. NOTRAFFIC – Removes all traffic.
  8. JUMPHIGH – Increases bike jump height.
  9. GHOSTRIDER – Allows passing through vehicles and obstacles.
  10. NIGHTRIDE – Changes environment to night.
  11. WEATHER – Controls weather conditions.
  12. CUSTOMALL – Unlocks all bike customization options.
  13. REPAIR – Instantly repairs any damage to your bike.
  14. HISCORE – Sets high scores on all levels.
  15. TURBO – Activates turbo mode for extra speed.
  16. GRAVITY – Lowers gravity for high jumps.
  17. FLYMODE – Enables flying mode.
  18. SUPERBIKE – Upgrades your bike to a superbike.
  19. DRIFTMODE – Improves drift capabilities.
  20. SHIELD – Activates a protective shield.
  21. XPBOOST – Doubles experience points earned.
  22. COINBOOST – Doubles coins collected.
  23. MAGNET – Attracts nearby coins automatically.
  24. MINIMAP – Displays a mini-map on screen.
  25. STUNTS – Unlocks all stunts.
  26. WHEELIE – Improves wheelie balance.
  27. SLIPSTREAM – Increases slipstream effect.
  28. HEADSTART – Provides a head start in races.
  29. TRACKMASTER – Unlocks all race tracks.
  30. FREEMODE – Activates free ride mode.
  31. NOSPINS – Prevents bike from spinning out.
  32. BACKFLIP – Enables backflip ability.
  33. FRONTFLIP – Enables frontflip ability.
  34. SUPERSLIDE – Enhances slide performance.
  35. TRICKS – Unlocks all bike tricks.
  36. STEALTH – Makes your bike invisible to others.
  37. TRAILS – Activates colorful trails behind your bike.
  38. BLASTOFF – Boosts your bike into the sky.
  39. RAPIDFIRE – Rapidly activates nitro boosts.
  40. ENERGY – Refills energy instantly.
  41. SUPERBRAKES – Enhances braking performance.
  42. TRAFFICDODGE – Improves ability to dodge traffic.
  43. QUICKTURN – Enhances turning speed.
  44. WINDRIDER – Reduces wind resistance.
  45. MEGABOOST – Provides an extreme speed boost.
  46. TRAFFICFREEZE – Freezes traffic temporarily.
  47. ROCKET – Attaches a rocket to your bike for extra speed.
  48. JETPACK – Equips your bike with a jetpack.
  49. TIMEWARP – Slows down time for better control.
  50. BOOSTUP – Maximizes all boost capabilities.

Tips for Using Cheat Codes

  • Save Your Progress: Before using any cheat codes, save your current game progress. This way, you can revert to your original game state if needed.
  • Use Wisely: Cheat codes can enhance gameplay but might reduce the challenge. Use them sparingly for a balanced experience.
  • Stay Updated: Game updates may add or change cheat codes. Keep an eye on official announcements for the latest information.

Final Thoughts

Using cheat codes in “Indian Bike Driving 3D” can greatly enhance your gaming experience by unlocking new features, bikes, and abilities. Whether you want unlimited money, invincibility, or access to all levels, these cheat codes provide a convenient way to achieve your in-game goals. Remember to use them wisely to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.


1. Can cheat codes be used in multiplayer mode?

No, cheat codes are generally only applicable in single-player mode to prevent unfair advantages in multiplayer gameplay.

2. Will using cheat codes affect my game progress?

Using cheat codes can alter your game progress. It’s recommended to save your game before applying any cheats.

3. Are there any risks associated with using cheat codes?

While using cheat codes can enhance your gameplay, overuse may diminish the challenge and enjoyment of the game. Additionally, some game updates may disable certain cheats.

4. Can I disable a cheat code once it’s activated?

In most cases, cheat codes cannot be disabled once activated. You may need to restart the game or reload a saved progress file to revert changes.

5. How do I know if a cheat code is still active?

Some games display an icon or message indicating active cheat codes. Check the game’s interface or menu for such indicators.

By using these cheat codes and following the tips and FAQs provided, you can enjoy “Indian Bike Driving 3D” to its fullest potential. Happy riding!

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