A diverse lineup of characters from Dota 2, illustrating the vast array of heroes available in the game. This visual emphasizes the question, "How many heroes in Dota 2?" with an impressive display of unique and detailed hero designs.

How Many Heroes are there in Dota 2?

Dota 2, the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Valve Corporation, is known for its vast and diverse roster of heroes. These heroes, each with their unique abilities and playstyles, form the backbone of the game and offer countless strategies and combinations for players to explore. If you’ve ever wondered just how many heroes are available in Dota 2, you’re in for a treat!

The Evolution of Dota 2’s Hero Pool

When Dota 2 was initially introduced, it featured a hero pool of 108 playable characters. However, the game has grown significantly since its release in 2013. Valve Corporation has continuously added new heroes to the game, expanding the roster and providing players with fresh challenges and experiences.

As of now, Dota 2 boasts a staggering 120 heroes, making it one of the most extensive hero pools in the MOBA genre. Each hero caters to a specific playstyle, be it melee or ranged, support or carry, magic or physical damage, and everything in between. This wealth of options ensures that players of all preferences and playstyles can find a hero that suits them.

Exploring Dota 2’s Hero Roles

Dota 2 heroes are divided into various roles, each with its own specific responsibilities and strengths. These roles include:


Carry heroes are late-game powerhouses who excel at dealing massive damage. They often start off relatively weak but grow stronger as the match progresses, making them crucial in securing victory in the later stages of a game.


Support heroes focus on aiding their teammates and ensuring they have the necessary resources to succeed. They often provide healing, crowd control, vision, and utility to give their team an advantage over the enemy.


Initiator heroes specialize in starting team fights and catching enemies off guard. They possess abilities that can initiate clashes, disrupt the enemy team, and create opportunities for their allies to capitalize on.


Nuker heroes rely on burst damage to eliminate enemies quickly. They excel at dealing massive damage in short bursts, making them potent threats that can wipe out squishy opponents in the blink of an eye.


Durable heroes are resilient and able to withstand a significant amount of punishment. Their tankiness allows them to soak up damage, control team fights, and disrupt the enemy’s game plan, acting as frontline protectors for their teammates.


Escape heroes possess abilities that allow them to quickly retreat from dangerous situations. They excel at evading enemies, repositioning themselves, and avoiding fatal encounters, making them ideal for split-pushing and hit-and-run tactics.


Pusher heroes focus on destroying enemy structures and pushing the lanes. They excel at dealing damage to towers and forcing the enemy team into defensive positions, creating opportunities for their team to secure objectives and gain map control.

Adding Complexity through Hero Counters and Synergies

While the number of heroes in Dota 2 is vast, what truly sets the game apart is the intricate balance of counters and synergies within the hero pool. Certain heroes excel against others, countering their strengths and exploiting their weaknesses. This creates a dynamic and ever-evolving metagame, where hero picks and counterpicks play an essential role in determining victory.

Additionally, hero synergies also play a crucial role in Dota 2’s strategic depth. Pairing heroes with complementary abilities and playstyles can create devastating combinations that catch the enemy off guard. These synergies often dictate the flow of team fights and can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

Expanding the Hero Pool: Dota 2’s Continuous Growth

Valve Corporation has continued to support Dota 2 with regular updates and new hero releases, ensuring that the game remains engaging and fresh for both new and veteran players. New heroes are introduced periodically, adding exciting possibilities and shaking up the meta.

The introduction of new heroes not only energizes the player base but also contributes to the ongoing evolution of strategy and gameplay within Dota 2. As players adapt to new hero releases and learn to incorporate them into their strategies. The dynamic nature of the game is perpetuated, keeping it engaging and unpredictable.

My Opinion

Dota 2 offers an astonishing array of heroes, currently boasting 120 diverse and unique characters. With each hero fitting into specific roles and offering different playstyles. Dota 2 provides players with an almost limitless range of strategies and tactics to explore. Valve Corporation’s dedication to expanding the hero pool ensures that the game remains vibrant and captivating, promising exciting new heroes in the future. So, jump into the fray, find your favorite hero, and discover the countless possibilities that await you in Dota 2!