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In League of Legends, Oceania is quite a famous region. Riot Games provides multiple servers around the world to resolve the issues that occur due to long distances and avoid language barriers. The Oceania server was released in June 2013, and at present, it has over 2.7 million active players, which is 2.02% of the total players who play League of Legends. You can easily buy OCE league accounts from Esports4G, where you can find a plethora of LoL accounts. From unranked accounts to accounts with thousands of BE and capsules to generate more BE. At Esports4G, thousands of verified sellers list their LoL accounts for sale. You can choose any from the list. Buying these accounts is as easy as reading this right now.



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LOL OCE Accounts

When you create an account in LoL, you need to choose a server to use, which is usually the region to which your country belongs. After you do this, your account will always belong to the same server unless you choose to change it by purchasing it from the Riot store. Yes, you have heard it right. You can buy a transfer from Riot Store, which costs 2600 Riot Points. But purchasing a transfer is more costly than getting LOL smurf accounts OCE. The price of LOL OCE accounts varies from account to account. It depends on the account you buy and the extras that come with it. Usually, you can get it at a minimum of $5.

So, what’s the delay now? Now, it’s time to get your OCE account and enjoy this fantastic server.


What kind of game information should I expect?

You will get all the guidelines and details you need to use and take ownership of your new account when you buy League of Legends account from ESPORTS4G. Examples include the following:

● Login Name / Username
● Email
● Password
● Last Name (if applicable to the game)
● Special Note ( Optional )

Is it feasible for the Seller to send me the details of the game via email?

No. ESPORTS4G informs the Seller about the LoL account purchase and gives them instructions to give it the game account information securely. We will quickly and covertly analyze and note a few selected game account properties before giving you access to the game account information.

Once you have the game account data, you will have enough time to finish the game account verification process, approve the ownership transfer, and confirm the release of the game account to ESPORTS4G.

To verify Game Account transactions, the Seller will send ESPORTS4G the LoL Account data. If there are no issues, ESPORTS4G will provide the buyer access to their account within 24 hours.

How Can I Buy League of Legends Account From Esports4g?

Are you looking to buy a LoL account? A step-by-step process for getting started is provided below:

● Choose the League of Legends account that best meets your demands by perusing the various accounts.
● Check if everything is in working condition for you by reading the offer's description.
● Select your preferred payment option by clicking the "Buy Now" button.
● As soon as the payment is finalized, a chat room where you can speak with the vendor will emerge.
● You will receive the data for your LoL account within the allowed time period, depending on the delivery schedule (most of the time, it is instant)
● Log in to your new LoL account with the details provided, make the necessary changes, and have fun with it.
● After making your purchase, kindly provide the Seller with any feedback you may have. Every comment makes the vendor more successful and recognizable.

● Log in to your new LoL account with the details provided, make the necessary changes, and have fun with it.
● After making your purchase, kindly provide the Seller with any feedback you may have. Every comment makes the vendor more successful and recognizable.

Are you so committed to League of Legends that you have a stack of accounts to play on while your previous highest rank account sits idle? Don't you think earning more money while doing something you already enjoy in your spare time—selling League of Legends accounts would be fantastic?

You can start to buy League account and put your League accounts for sale on ESPORTS4G for free after registering.

Why is ESPORTS4G the best marketplace to buy a League of Legend account?

Unlike other in-game marketplaces, Esports4g enables players to determine their prices in addition to buying and selling accounts. This flexibility ensures that you get the best bargain possible irrespective of the fact whether you're buying or selling. Esports4g's mission is to help you get your LoL accounts as quickly as possible so you can dominate the arena.

What should I do if I'm banned from purchasing Esports4g?

Wait 24 hours before attempting again if you receive an error message informing you that you have been prohibited from making purchases. Verify again that your payment information is accurate after this period has passed.

If you still have this issue 24 hours after your most recent attempt at a transaction, kindly contact the support team.

After cancelling, can a customer claim a refund?

Only two circumstances will result in the cancellation of LoL account purchased from a seller:

1) The Seller retracts the offer to sell.

2) If the purchaser modifies their mind while the status is pending. Once the status is changed to processing, they cannot remove the item.

Penalties for purchasing through illegal channels?

LoL account and other game accounts should only be purchased from authorized sources. Any purchases made through illegal channels or services would be regarded as a rule violation, and your account can be permanently suspended. To protect your account, please conduct your transaction legally.

Your efforts and support are appreciated.