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Sell and Buy League of  Legends Account

Are you also tired of the toxic ranked matches and not getting the champions you dream of? Why sacrifice so much when you have a solution to it all? You can easily buy a League of Legends account from Esports4g and enjoy playing with your desired champions.

Speaking of this, you must surely be wondering how to go about the whole buying process and what all must be kept in mind while doing so.

Moving forward, we will discuss everything you need to know about League of Legends and how to sell & buy a Lol account.

League Accounts For Sale

Isn't it interesting how you can be at any level/rank you wish to be at by buying a LoL account? At Esports4g, thousands of verified sellers put their League of Legends accounts for sale. You can choose any account which interests you from the ones listed on the website, and voila!! Isn't it simple?

Buying these League accounts is as simple in real life as it seems while reading right now. League of Legends is a legendary game and is one of the most popular games in the gaming sector. The game published by Riot Games is a highly strategic and very complicated game, making it very difficult for players to succeed from one level to another.

It takes years for a player to reach the top, and getting at the top is not guaranteed even after years of practice. If you don't want to be stuck in this loop, then to buy League account is the best possible option.

Visit Esports4g, and discover hundreds of high-ranked LoL account options. What you have to do is to register on the site and choose the account you wish to buy. Make the payment while the checkout just as you do on any other shopping website, and there you go, it's done!

Sell Your Lol Account On Esports4g

Apart from buying League of Legends accounts, gamers who have a plethora of these accounts stacked up also prefer to sell these accounts and earn some extra cash.

Selling League accounts is also a good option because not only will you get a good deal, but you also will get exposure to so many avid gamers who are out there. You will get to discover the kinds of game accounts that are there, along with so many in-game items and assets.

Buy A League of Legends Account: Things To Check Beforehand

Buyers can choose from a wide variety of LoL accounts offered by sellers. Before selecting an account, gamers typically look for a few certain characteristics to make sure they're getting the best value possible:

1. League Ranking:

League ranking is a must-check when buying a Lol account. There are a total of eight ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand master, and Challenger. The journey from being at Iron to the Challenger is quite a bit difficult. Before buying an account, the buyer must see which level the account is at and whether that is their desired rank or not.

2. Champions:

With the increase in the number of champions in the game, one must check what all champions are in the account the buyer is paying for.

3. Levels:

Players can level up indefinitely and earn rewards now that the level bracket is gone. You receive better rewards as you advance if your level is higher.

4. Lol skins:

LoL Skins are what give the game a layer of enjoyment and innovation. Players now keep an eye out for LoL skin sales, and the skins themselves have become fun.

5. Server:

Customers should be sure to search for an account on the same server as theirs because League of Legends caters to several geographical areas.

Reason Why League of Legends is One of the Most Popular Games

League of Legends is a mind-shattering and highly strategic game released in 2009. The game has never experienced a setback ever since. The game makes the players form teams of 5 players each. Two teams (5 players each) are supposed to fight against each other. The teams have to face off against each other and destroy the enemy's nexus.

The player is given an option to choose from 140 champions and play his epic game. The champion can be selected on the basis of the abilities they possess and their gameplay.

A player must practice and hone his/her skills to make epic plays, secure as many kills as possible and take down the maximum number of towers if he/she wants to reach the top. Playing this game is not that difficult if you have already read the guide and have some idea about how to play shooting games.

The primary reason which makes the game a hit is that it challenges the players at every step of the game. Reaching silver and gold rank is very normal, but starting from platinum, the game starts getting difficult.

Do you also want to play on an account having a higher rank but can't reach there? No worries, you can easily buy a League of Legends account on Esports4g. Here you can get many options and can choose the most suitable account for yourself.

Ranks In A Lol Account

There is a total of nine ranks in the game, starting from Iron and going up to the Challenger. Further, each rank is also divided into four levels, with the fourth being the lowest and the first being the highest.

The rating system has just undergone a significant expansion and improvement that may benefit all users. It may initially seem unclear to gamers who are new to ranked gaming. It makes sense that it will be challenging for newer players to comprehend how everything works straight away, given the wide variety of tiers, divisions, and ranked games that can be climbed.

Buy Lol Account With More League Points (LP)

There is so many LoL account for sale at Esports4g. Choose the account you like (preferably with a higher rank and more league points) and enjoy the ultimate playing experience.

What you all must be thinking is what are League Points, and why are they even important?

League points are the main criteria for checking a player's progress. League points are called LP in short, and they are very important for you to succeed and survive in the game. The exact number of league points a person has is determined by the Matchmaking Rating(MMR).

If a team beats the opponent team that has a higher MMR, then the team gets more LP, and the vice-versa happens when the team loses to a team having a higher MMR.

LP is also important if you want to proceed to higher ranks or divisions. When a player has 100 LP, then they can succeed to the higher division or rank, which soever is the next in the line of order.

If a player is moving from a lower division in the rank to a higher one, then they need to play three promo matches, among which winning two is necessary to move ahead.

For a player to move on to the next rank, five promo matches will be played, among which winning three is really important to move forward in the rank.

However, LPs are not that important in the top 3 ranks: Mater, Grand master, and Challenger, as a person needs to face direct competition and win among that competition. There is a direct promotion of players in these ranks after they reach a certain amount of LP.

Players can also lose LP for being inactive for about 28 days. However, this is the case if the player has a platinum rank or above. The players who are in the top 3 ranks can lose their League Points if inactive for just 5 days.

So players buck up and are ready to play the legendary game. If you are tired of your boring LoL account, buy the most exciting LoL accounts from Esports4g!!

Buy League of Legends Smurf Account

There are many types of accounts, and one of them is the smurf account. You all must be wondering what actually smurf accounts are.

Smurf accounts are a different type of computer account that a known or experienced player uses to falsely represent themselves as inexperienced or less knowledgeable. These accounts have been really popular among gamers, and that is the reason why players are willing to buy League of Legends smurf account.

But are you also worried about where to buy LoL smurf account? No need to search hundreds of options and scroll for hours to find the best place when you can simply register yourself on Esports4g and buy the best accounts from trustworthy sellers.

Esports4g caters to all your needs, whether you want to buy or sell any kind of accounts or game assets.

So go and check out the best gaming experience only on Esports4g!