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Some gamers somehow lost their main account and now don’t wish to start from the beginning. Buying maxed out Th10 base for sale helps them resume the game where they left it. At Esports4G, you can find multiple CoC max Th10 for sale. All accounts of max Th10 for sale are from verified sellers, your fellow gamers. So what are you doing here reading this? Go on and get your desired max Th10 base for sale now. Check the offers to find more.



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Max Th10 Account for Sale

There is lava everywhere; you can feel the heat, the excitement, the thrill. Yes, this is what CoC Town Hall 10 is all about. The theme of town hall 10 is lava. At this level, the Town Hall changes into deep crimson red and blue-gray. Molten lava spills from the two openings near the top tower to a tube at the base. Even the new walls level look like molten rock. Inferno Tower, the new defense unlocked in this level, shoots beams of fire, burning your enemies and turning them into ash, giving this level a whole new deadly appearance.

But as stunning as it seems, it is not a course for the faint-hearted. It takes around 250 days, only if you play daily and have more than four builders. You also have to participate in Clan Wars and games to reach this goal within this time limit. Although it seems tedious, it’s very much doable. But some players elect to buy a max Th10 account for sale.


What kind of game information should I expect?

When you purchase a CoC accounts from ESPORTS4G, you will receive all of the instructions and information you need to effectively utilise and own your new account. The following are examples:

  • Login Name / Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Last Name (if applicable to the game)
  • Special Note ( Optional )

Is it feasible for the seller to send me the details of the game via email?

No. We will notify the seller that you have purchased a Clash of Clans account and instruct him/her to provide the game account details securely to ESPORTS4G. Before passing on the game account information to you, we shall rapidly and silently inspect and document chosen properties of the game account.

You will be given time to complete the game account verification, verify the game account ownership transfer, and confirm the release of the game account to ESPORTS4G once you receive the game account details.

The Seller will transmit the Coc Accounts details to ESPORTS4G for verification reasons for Game Account transactions. If there are no problems, ESPORTS4G will provide the account login information to the buyer within 24 hours.

How can i buy Clash of clans Account from Esports4g?

Interested in purchasing Clash of Clans account? The following is a step-by-step procedure for getting started:

Look through the available CoC accounts and select the one that best suits your needs.

Make sure to read the offer's description to ensure that everything is in working order for you.Click the "Buy Now" button and choose your desired payment method.

  • A chat room will appear once the money has been confirmed, where you can communicate with the seller.
  • You will receive your Clash of Clans account data within the provided time limit, depending on the delivery schedule (most of the time, it is instant)
  • Log in to your new account using the provided information, make necessary adjustments, and enjoy your new CoC account.
  • When you've finished purchasing, please leave the seller with any feedback; every comment helps the seller succeed and stand out.

Are you so devoted to Clash of Clans that you already have a stacked clash of clans account and are playing on many accounts since your prior Clash of Clans tH13 account is idle? Don't you think selling CoC accounts would be a great way of boosting your income while doing something you already do in your spare time?

With free registration, you can begin selling Clash of Clans account on ESPORTS4G with some guidelines to follow.

Why is ESPORTS4G the Best Marketplace to buy CoC Account?

Esports4g, unlike the in-game market, allows players to not only purchase and sell accounts, but also establish their own pricing. Whether you're buying or selling, this flexibility ensures that you get the best deal possible. The purpose of Esports4g is to assist you get your CoC account in as little time as possible so you can utilise it to fight the good fight.

What should I do if I'm banned from purchasing Esports4g?

If you see an error message stating that you have been banned from making purchases, you should wait 24 hours before trying again. After this time has gone, double-check that your payment information is valid.

Please contact Support Team if you continue to receive this problem 24 hours after your last transaction attempt.

Can a buyer get a refund after cancellation?

If a buyer buy Clash of Clans account from a seller, there are only two scenarios in which the account will be cancelled:

  1. If the purchase is cancelled by the seller.If the buyer changes their mind while the status is pending.
  2. He or she cannot cancel the item after the status is changed to processing.

Penalties purchasing through illegal channel?

Gamers should purchase COC accounts/ Game accounts from authorised sources. Any purchase made through unlawful services/channels would be considered a rule violation, and your account may be banned permenantly. Please make your transaction in a legal manner to protect your account. Thank you for your patience and support!